Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MAC Stylishly Yours Launch!

Hi Dolls,
It's another exciting launch like Champale that came out on the same day, yeah I know all our our bank accounts are going to be negative, haha. This is extremely on the opposite end of the Champale collection. Stylishly Yours is full of neon bright sexy colors! This is such a playful launch and I'm loving every piece of this collection!
Stylishly Yours: Okay so there's a new color for fluidline! Woo! This color is really beautiful it's called Dark Diversion, doesn't that name on it's own sound so seductive? It's a beautiful red-brown plum color that would look great on hazel, brown, blue or green eyes! It gives you that dramatic effect while having to stop using black eyeliner all the time, and I love it because it's just so different from all the regular stuff we use day to day! Then it's the just seriously wow...The colors are Neon Orange, Something New (bright hot pink), Cockney (beautiful orange red), and Style Curve (beautiful fuchsia)...I AM IN LOVE! I love all of these lipsticks they are all so different them what we have all the time! Pigments are in this collection to and there neon! Wow, colors are Follow Your Fancy (Orange), Madly Personal (Hot Pink), New Fixation (Burgundy), and Violet. There's a new zoom lash color! Yes, we're going back to colored mascara, what! It's a plumish-red color just like the fluid beautiful and different, I'm going to definitely have to wear this with a look soon! Okay and for the finale...DUH DUH DUHH!! My ultimate favorite out of all of this, CREAM COLOUR BASE!! I love these beautiful you could use them for your cheeks, your lips, anything! Just be careful around the eye area...some pigments don't work well with sensitive eye skin...Anyways! I love all of them, the colors are Virgin Isle (beautiful coral), Tickle Me Pink (light pink), Movie Star Red (true blue red) and Madly Magenta. I want 20 of each, seriously haha! Two beauty powders came with this collection as well and they are Play It Proper (light pink) and Too Chic (neutral beige). So let's see the pictures already!!

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