Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Time's Here: Self Tanning 101:

Hi dolls,

So I guess I can start off by saying I'm a pretty avid tanner...Hmm, okay I take that back. I'm obsessed with being tan. Not in a creepy, jersey shore, tanorexic way though! Anyways, every summer I try to get as tan as possible...I know, I know tanning is extremely bad for your skin reason being I'm taking some precautions this year...cause I don't want to turn into this...

An Old Leather Purse or...
MMM! Beef jerky anyone?! Lol...all jokes aside though...I know that the sun is extremely damaging, but we all love that nice tan right?

I've been applying SPF 30 anything really whenever I'm outside, then when I really want to bump up the color I use dry oil probably with an SPF of 4...yeah, yeah...Hey it's better than me using baby oil and olive oil right...yeah I'm guilty!

I've been experimenting with self tanners recently...and I've found my favorite out there...It's St. Tropez Tanning Body Lotion.
Exfoliating is such a key with self tanners, you really want to sluff off all that dead skin so you're tan can be nice and even and smooth! I like to use two and mix them together. I absolutely love this Burt Bee's Cherry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub it smells so good! Then I like to mix some classic St. Ives Apricot Scrub, both of these together give you smooth skin.

This product is awesome! The reason why I'm so into it is simple, NO ORANGE...No Snookie, no jersey shore...no oompa loompa, yeah you get the point. It's easy to see when you apply, the smell doesn't come on really until later but that's normal...It's very fast for results too!

So this is what I apply the self tanner with, crazy looking right...It kind of looks like what you'd wax you're car with? Haha, but this thing has some sense into it's creation! You just basically pump the product onto the mitten and apply it like you would with your hands. It helps with a streak free application. What's also great is that the mitten is washable...

So if you make any bloopers or you get orange hands, feet, elbows, etc...I've been there they have a tan remover! It's awesome it's basically a cleanser with little exfoliant beads in it to cleanse away the dead skin along with the product!

Alright dolls, so tan away...please let me know what you're favorite self tanners, exfoliators, skin products are I'm curious!



Jessy said...

thx for the tips...i personally don't like getting tanned...just because i think i look bad with one(plus my skin peels after getting burned)...but i agree self-tanners are better than going under the sun...i do wanna try spray on tan though....but im too scared~~~lol


claire said...

I rarely fake tan because i'm so pale and can never be bothered to make sure my face matches my neck and my neck matches my body, haha. Lazy gal.