Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Time's Here: Self Tanning 101:

Hi dolls,

So I guess I can start off by saying I'm a pretty avid tanner...Hmm, okay I take that back. I'm obsessed with being tan. Not in a creepy, jersey shore, tanorexic way though! Anyways, every summer I try to get as tan as possible...I know, I know tanning is extremely bad for your skin reason being I'm taking some precautions this year...cause I don't want to turn into this...

An Old Leather Purse or...
MMM! Beef jerky anyone?! Lol...all jokes aside though...I know that the sun is extremely damaging, but we all love that nice tan right?

I've been applying SPF 30 anything really whenever I'm outside, then when I really want to bump up the color I use dry oil probably with an SPF of 4...yeah, yeah...Hey it's better than me using baby oil and olive oil right...yeah I'm guilty!

I've been experimenting with self tanners recently...and I've found my favorite out there...It's St. Tropez Tanning Body Lotion.
Exfoliating is such a key with self tanners, you really want to sluff off all that dead skin so you're tan can be nice and even and smooth! I like to use two and mix them together. I absolutely love this Burt Bee's Cherry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub it smells so good! Then I like to mix some classic St. Ives Apricot Scrub, both of these together give you smooth skin.

This product is awesome! The reason why I'm so into it is simple, NO ORANGE...No Snookie, no jersey shore...no oompa loompa, yeah you get the point. It's easy to see when you apply, the smell doesn't come on really until later but that's normal...It's very fast for results too!

So this is what I apply the self tanner with, crazy looking right...It kind of looks like what you'd wax you're car with? Haha, but this thing has some sense into it's creation! You just basically pump the product onto the mitten and apply it like you would with your hands. It helps with a streak free application. What's also great is that the mitten is washable...

So if you make any bloopers or you get orange hands, feet, elbows, etc...I've been there they have a tan remover! It's awesome it's basically a cleanser with little exfoliant beads in it to cleanse away the dead skin along with the product!

Alright dolls, so tan away...please let me know what you're favorite self tanners, exfoliators, skin products are I'm curious!


Monday, June 20, 2011

MAC Semi Precious Collection July 7th!!

OMG...Hi Dolls!!!

I have to say that this is my hands down, favorite collection that we have ever come out with!! SEMI PRECIOUS...it's all about beautifully created mineral pressed eyeshadows that look so freaking awesome when you wet them...They are all finely milled gems in the actual shadows, awesome right. They are so smooth to the touch! Of course all of the
products are limited! Ugh, don't even get me started...so let's get into it.

Lipsticks that will be in this collection are following the gem trend as well with darker shades:
Gem of Roses-Mid tone Strawberry pink (Lustre) Lush Amber-Light Nude beige (Lustre) One of a Kind-Mid-tone Rosy neutral (Lustre) and last but not least my fav. Musky Amethyst-Deep Plum (Frost).

Cremesheen Glass will also be in this collection, I think that's g
reat because not everybody likes a bold lip and that cremesheen offers some slight color with great shine and texture...Geo Pink-Strawberry Pink, Natural Flare-Light caramel nude, Pure Magnificence-Light grey pink (AWESOME), Looks Like Sin-Mid-tone Reddish Plum * Re-promote, Richly Revered-Deep Brown Plum
Mineralize Blushes come in the collection. Feeling Flush-Melange pink, deep blue pink and soft brown (SO PRETTY), Warmth of Coral-Melange of peach and coral (FAVORITE), Pressed Amber-Melange nude, beige and brown. These are all so pretty yesterday I mixed Warmth of Coral and Feeling Flush together, and it gave me the perfect glow great for summer and even fall!

Mineralize Skinifinish...everybody loves them! Semi Precious Pea
rl-Base has champagne while inner is white, plum, and bronze. Semi Precious Crystal Pink-Base has a pink champagne while inner is pink, mid-tone green, and bronze. Semi Precious Rose Quartz-Base had a rosy pink while inner is silver, lime, white pink, and copper...so beautiful even reading that description! Last but not least Semi Precious Goldstone-Base has a brown while inner is rosy pink and white gold.

MINERALIZE EYE SHADOWS.....my absolute favorite out of everything well the brushes too...but we'll get to that in a minute! I love these all equally and will be purchasing almost all! I'm giving then stars to show you how much I love each.
Blue Sheen-Melange navy, black and peach ****
Dark Indulgence-Melange forest green and black ****
Smokey Ruby-Melange burgundy and black ***
Golden Gaze-Melange gold and black ***
Rare Find-Melange violet, brown and gold **
Jade's Fortune-Melange bright yellow, blue, lime and black ****
Hint of Sapphire-Melange pink, violet, teal, copper and blue ****
Faux Gold-Melange coral, gold, lime and bronze **
Quartz Fusion-Melange soft pink, silver and deep pink *
Unsurpassable-Melange green teal, purple and copper **
Clarity-Melange light pink, off white, green gold and black ****
Mineral Mode-Melange white, copper and grey. *
I seriously love all of these right here...I'm in awe!
OKAY PEOPLE...WE HAVE NEW BRUSHES!! Are ya'll ready for this information...? I don't even think so!
All of these new brushes have a split personality! There two brushes in ONE...isn't that amazing! What we've been looking for, asking for, and questioning about for so long! Each side has even two different brush fibers/textures...
#128 Brush: Great for using with the cheeks, Split Fibre Cheek Brush.
#179 Brush: Great for using as a buffer brush, Split Fibre Angled Buffer Brush.
#234 Brush: Great for blending the eyes, Split Fibre Eye Blending Brush.
#235 Brush: Great for application to eyes, Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush.

I'm telling ya'll these are an absolute purchase, you won't see these anywhere...

Oh, did you think I was done? NOPE...Just three more things to cover! :)

We're re-promoting the Mineralize Charged Water, Mineralize Face+Body Lotion and Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation.

Mineralize Charged Water: Great for revitalizing energy, refreshes and hydrates and reblances the complexion and skin. It's infused with minerals that are essential in helping your skin stay healthy and young looking.
Mineralize Face+Body Lotion: Gentle, rich moisturizing lotion can be used on face and body...great for sensitive skin hence the no fragrance an color.
Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation: We have this foundation all throughout the year. It's a very popular natural finish medium coverage foundation that gives you a young look and a nice feel to the skin.

Phew! That was a lot to type, and I bet read! Haha! I seriously though cannot wait for these products to come out I am so excited, and I know you are too!!