Monday, March 14, 2011

M.I.A.? & 10 Favorite Products As of Now!

Yeah I know, before any of ya'll read this, I've been gone for a long time...missed out on a bunch I bet! Let me say sorry to some of my readers, I know that's wack but still, I love you guys!

Anyways, so let's see what's been going on lately in the makeup world...first off! My hairs not red anymore so that's changed lots of looks as far as with makeup.

I think I'll start of with my 10 favorite things right now...

1. Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser (it's almost just like MAC's Lightful Cleanser but I do know that Clarins has more natural ingredients so that's great for skin).

2. Fix + Lavender (This is almost like the regular Fix + that MAC has, but it is infused with lavender and that helps out with broken capillaries, so redness while giving you all the benefits of Fix +.

3. Laura Mercier Secret Camoflaugue in SC-1, I LOVE this concealer! This is the best out there right now well that I've found. I'm using it in a way brighter shade than I should be, but it gives me great coverage and a very nice brightening effect.

4. Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium, this sets my Prolongwear Foundation, perfectly I used it with a sponge.

5. Dior Black Out Mascara, still obsessed with this! Gives me volume, length, and dramatic beautiful lashes!

6. Studio Fix Bold Lash, it's just like the Dior Black Out, but way cheaper and it's actually really nice and also separates...

7. Studio Fix Foundation is awesome especially for how oily my skin gets in the summer time, powder or fluid.

8. Kiehl's Creme de Corps, helps out with my super dry skin especially from baking outside in the sun.

9. Sun tints Spf/20 MAC great texture, and also helps with dry chapped lips.

10. Kiehl's Superably Restorative Argan Dry Oil, great for hair and skin, makes you look like you have a perfect skin glow...