Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MAC Champale Launch!

Hi dolls!

I'm back in the game, that's right...finally got a laptop and a brand new web cam! Woo! I don't know if you are as excited as I am...yay!

Anyways, let's talk about MAC Champale Collection. Let's start of by saying how amazing the colors are. Here's a more in depth look at it:
CHAMPALE: Champale is basically described as, "The ultimate luxury when only the finest will do for New Years"'s broken down into sassy, bubbly-ness golden happiness in a bottle! Haha. Seriously though, I am in LOVE with this collection and the beautiful neutral golden colors it brings. It comes with lots of different shimmery paint pots ranging from a greyish tone all the way to a white iridescent tone. There's also a beautiful quad E/S palette that has brule and retrospeck in it as well as two new colors! HOW EXCITED ARE WE ABOUT FELINE EYE KHOL BEING BACK! YAY! I know I am! There's also a beautiful shimmery eye khol that's a pinkish/white tone that would look beautiful in the waterline...not as stark as fascinating is, haha. Seriously though, let's talk about a NEW moisturizer and a NEW Fix+! What? I know! The new moisturizer is called Comfort Cream...and by the sound of that doesn't that even sound amazing before telling you what it is? It's basically for calming down redness and irritation also helping out that sensitive skin we all get sometimes. Theres also lots and lots of beauty powders and highlighting powders in this collection that are all beautiful. The Fix+ new scent is in Lavender, like the original it wakes up your skin, conditions it as well as giving your thirsty skin that lovely hydration boost! AHH-AMAZING RIGHT! Another favorite of this collection is definitely the Lipgelees! These are so beautiful ranging from a white sparkly color to a bronzey looking one, so all you lipgloss fanatics out there, get these asap! You will fall in love with this beautiful color and glitter payoff and the nice texture that it brings to your lips. Now there is so much more with this collection, I had to state some of my favorites but you all need to check this collection out ASAP this is all going to sell beautifully, because the colors look great on everyone!Okay, this is all of the collection swatches I'll list them all below!

Starting from the left top of the screen: I Get No Kick Eye Khol, Feline Eye Khol, Chromographic Pencil NC/15 NW20 and Chromographic Pencil in NC/25 NW/30; Paint Pots in Chilled on Ice, Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection and Dangerous Cuvee; Eye Quad in Brule, Retrospeck, Et tu, Bouquet? and Caviar Dreams; Special Reserve Highlight Powder in Chez Chez Lame and Rose Ole; Lipstick in Quiet Please, Flustered, Tanarama and Gel (those two are not limited); and last but not least lipgelees in Luxure, Sin-tillation, Straight to the Head and Bubble Lounge also pairing with two nail lacquers in Soiree and Very Important Platinum.


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