Saturday, June 18, 2011

Glitter & Feather Hair Extensions!

Hi dolls!

I don't know about you guys, but lately I have been seeing so many accessories for the hair! Lots of feathers, and glitter...I am absolutely loving it. I've seen lots of people with it done, and then some more with glitter and/or rhinestones. I always wondered well what if you brush
them out, can you wash them, do they straighten or curl, etc...

Well I was talking to someone personally who came to the counter the other day and she gave me the 411 on them. So there basically clipped in for a reasonable amount of money, I'm talking cheap! Like dirt cheap, lol! Anyways, you can wash them, style them, and I thought that was so awesome, I would love to have glitter in mine and curl them! Now just like any extensions you have to be completely gentle with them...especially the feather ones. The woman told me that when brushing and washing she is very gentle and holds the root of the extension while brushing...and you probably wouldn't want to style it so much cause it could possibly end up being damaged. Here's some pictures to check it out..

I love the glitter ones!!


Ev said...

I got the glitter ones last Christmas, they are so much fun!

Caitlyn said...

really! how were they did you love them!!

Ev said...

yes they were so much fun! my friend had a friend who just moved here so she hooked me up because she had just started doing them ... I want to get them again!