Monday, September 20, 2010

Feeling a little...Purple.

Hey guys...
So on my recent trip to sephora, NARS caught my eye...well it always does! Let me tell you about my trip there!
NARS Single Eye Shadow in Daphne is a matte thats practially a deep violet. You definitely need a primer with these. Mattes tend to be hard and highly pigmeneted but put onto a lid with no primer at all will just basically make the shadow not blendable, see through looking and pointless! With a primer, this Daphne rocks! If someone wants more of a natural look with this I would definitely wear it in the crease, and of course for dramatic all over! The possibilities could be endless. On the side there's an example of no primer and MAC's Soft Orchee Paintpot.
Also what was really big in there were I haven't been real big on these except for the MAC one we came out with awhile ago...and are out of stock right now! I was even looking in a magazine the other day and they advertised a Revlon stain that had the consistency of a lipbalm, so that would be great because usually lipstains can be drying. I'll have to get back to you on that one.
I also had to stop by the MAKE UP FOR EVER spot in there. I always love the colors they have. So what recently came out was Aqua Creme in 17 Plum. So basically what Aqua Creme is almost a primer but extreamly creamy! It can help blend your shadows more evenly or some people even like to use them as a creme shadow.
Anyways guys, I really need to get webcam to do some tutorials because I really think that would make this site alot better so people could basically get a better mental vision/idea!