Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thinking about buying some Coastal Scents, Sigma...?

Okay, Okay, Okay...

So I probably know that I am THE LAST person in the world to talk about coastal scents palettes, but I've been seeing lots of tutorials, pictures of people using these palettes...and I want to know from you guys if they are really the ISH! I mean, duh...they are definitely great on the prices and they seem pretty pigmented, I guess what I am truly wondering is if I already have colors like these, since I only own basically all of MAC...seriously LOL.

However, I really actually like their 88 Warm Palette, Contour & Blush Palette, 10 Piece Professional Blush Palette, 88 Metal Mania Palette and their Sky Line Gel Liner (because it looks like my love Royal Wink by MAC!!!). So I think I'm at a loss, and will just give in and buy, I definitely want to know what you guys think though! So let me know!!

Sigma...Yeah. Definitely EXTREMELY IDENTICAL to MAC Brushes, but a whole lot cheaper. They have 217 look alike all the way to a 190 alike. I am loving these prices though, even though I have all of MAC's brushes...So I possibly might think on that and purchase if I need them, I definitely want to know how the quality is on those brushes...

Please comment and give me some feedback on these brands!!


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