Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2010: Beauty Trends that'll be big this fall!

Hey everyone!

As we know it, the summer is coming to an end...and I don't know about you guys, but I'm totally excited!!! Last time around this year it was all about the Vampires or Lady Gaga (even though she's still kicking major ass with her music and fashion); but word around the town is that were in store for some really cool beauty trends this season....sounds awesome right? Anyways, pack up all that sheer nail polish from last season and throw it away, seriously! Pack up all those boring neautrals shadows, lipstick...but wait don't throw those away we might need them for next time.

We're in store for bright colors, cute neon or metallic nail polish colors and even matte lipsticks, my ultimate favorite! Even winged eyeliner is making a huge comeback! FYI: MAC just came out with new Superslick Liquid Liners ranging in shades from Black, Navy Blue all the way to Shimmery Gold or Silver! They are even long wearing and crack resisitent...which is hard to come by! Should I even mention our New Prolong Wear Lip Creme coming out...which is to DIE for! I could gossip all day, eat, and repeat all these steps while my lips are still looking fabulous and not dry!

Even brows are to be bold for this season as well. Who doesn't love a bold brow to complete your look? Some of my favorites are MAC Brow Pencils in Spiked, Lingering, Stud and Velvetone for those who dare!

Here are the ProLongwear Lipcreme Lipsticks:
Colors from Left to Right are:
Made to Last, Till Tomorrow
Sweet Ever After, Faithfully Yours, Goes and Goes, Love Forever, Perpetual Flame,
Unlimited, Overtime, Extended Play, Prolong, Good to Go.

Here are some swatches from the Superslick Liquid Eyeliners:

Colors on top two are: Nocturnal (silver) and Pure Show.
Colors from bottom left to right are: Smoky Heir, Definitely Feline, Marked for Glamour, Nocturnal, On the Hunt (my favorite), Desires & Devices, Treat me Nice, Signature Blue.

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