Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's a bird, it's a's WONDER WOMAN?!

Hi dolls!

...Did I mention Wonder Woman...hmm, I wonder what this could be all about...I wonder what she's talking about? Wonder Woman that's in comic books, is coming out with makeup?!

YES! That's exactly what I've said...I'm sure all of you out there has heard some rumors about this exciting super sweet collection coming out in March 2011. I was searching the Internet and these are some pictures I found of the collection, and let me just say one thing; PACKAGING. Super cute packaging as well as colors! Here's a sneak pick of some pictures of some of the collection there's way much more! Let's get into it girls!
Isn't everything so freaking cute! I totally love it, so there are definitely some permanent shades in this collection as well as previous shades that are being relaunched...also another FYI is that some of the actual products are super sized so definitely the price point will be higher, but so excited!
Lipsticks being featured are:
Marquise D': Relaunch Light creamy muted peach tone
Russian Red: Permanent
Spitfire: Limited bright creamy magenta *Really cute!
Heroine: Limited Brown Bronze
Lipglass being featured are:
Emancipation: Limited Pale neutral pink
Wonder Woman: Limited Bright red pearlized frost
Athena's Kiss: Limited Bright blue fuchsia
Secret Identity: Limited Medium Copper

Colored Opulash Mascara's!!: Colors are all Limited:
Victorious: Purple
Army of Amazons: Green
Themyscira: Blue
Black: Permanent
Rapidblack: Permanent liquid eyeliner pen but the limited version is in a bigger size!
Two Limited Nail Lacquers in the shade of:
Obey Me: True Blue Red
Spirit of Truth: Navy Blue
My favorite lash is back! Ugh!! #48 is a beautiful dramatic half lash...AHHH AMAZING.
Limited Eye Quads in:
Valiant: Bright lime with yellow pearlized pigment undertone
Spinning Transformation: Olive bronze with yellow pearlized pigment undertone
Diana Undercover: Dark Forest Green
Manila Paper: Relaunched Pale frost white gold
Two Pigments that are permanent in PRO:
Reflects Pearl
Reflects Bronze
Bright Fuchsia
Marine Ultra
Blush Duo's! LOVE:
Mighty Aphrodite: Limited Warm Peach with golden undertone/Bright coral with peach undertone
Amazon Princess: Bright Yellow Pink/Deep Blue Pink with gold pearl
Mineralize Skinfinish:
Pink Power: Rosy Pink with pink shimmer/Soft Rosy bronze/Soft Shell pink with a light shimmer
Golden Lariat: True coral with gold shimmer/soft bronze/Soft gold
Accessories: All Limited:
Wonder Woman Makeup Bag Red, Bulletproof Blue
Brush Sets: All Limited:
Utility Belt Eye Brush Set: Includes 224, 213, 194 All SE.
Utility Belt Face Brush Set: Includes 129, 109, 190 All SE.
A cute "Invincible Mirror".
I just can't wait to see this collection completely come to life, I know all of us out there are going to love it!


Ivonne said...

I heard the wand of the lip gloss is way larger than it usually is, is that true?

Caitlyn said...

yep all the features are larger!

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